CyanoStopper is a revolutionary mixture which prevents and controls cyanobacterial blooms in all kinds of bodies of water. It selectively fights cyanobacteria and breaks down cyanobacterial toxins in water within a few days of application. CyanoStopper takes advantage of the hypersensitivity of cyanobacteria to atomic oxygen and is completely safe for water users and other aquatic organisms. It improves the recreational, utility, and economic values of water reservoirs by increasing oxygenation in them and intensifying the natural processes of water self-purification.

CyanoStopper Mixture:

  1. 100% effective and safe;
  2. Selectively acts on cyanobacteria without destroying aquatic plants and zooplankton;
  3. Reduces the content of ammoniacal nitrogen and organic phosphorus compounds;
  4. Reduces the amount of chlorophyll and increases water clarity;
  5. Fast acting, with visible effects 2-3 days after application;
  6. Does not significantly increase pH values due to its water buffering component;
  7. Oxygenates the water and bottom sediments, which eliminates hypoxia in the fish;
  8. Easy to use – dosing can be adapted to any type of water reservoir.

Application method:  

In order to quickly and effectively counteract cyanobacterial blooms and the production of cyanotoxins, CyanoStopper should be added at a concentration of 25 grams per 1 m3 of water. The mixture should be evenly spread over the surface of the reservoir, and after 2 days the treatment should be repeated using half of the dose used during the first treatment. Do not exceed the recommended doses.

CyanoStopper – leaflet (in Polish)
CyanoStopper – leaflet (in German)
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


Environments dominated by toxic cyanobacteria pose a great sanitary and toxicological threat to both water users and all aquatic organisms.

Cyanobacteria blooms are very dangerous to human health and life. Cyanobacteria produce toxins that irritate the skin and liver, as well as very dangerous neurotoxins that affect the respiratory muscles.

CyanoStopper is based on a dose of a water buffering agent and atomic oxygen donors to reservoirs. CyanStopper dissolves in water to release free atomic oxygen, which kills cyanobacteria and improves water parameters.

CyanoStopper contains doses of atomic oxygen at levels selected to become harmful to cyanobacteria, but which do not affect other aquatic organisms.

Currently, it is the cheapest and most effective method of fighting cyanobacteria in lakes, retention reservoirs, breeding ponds, and recreational ponds.