TECO Filter

TECO Filter – a filter system designed for type IV natural swimming pools and swimming ponds. Cutting edge patented filter technology.

TECO Filter:

  1. Filter technology developed for type IV natural pools;
  2. 100% ecological water treatment;
  3. Filtration occurs through bioreactor and biofilm processes;
  4. Microorganisms in the biofilm bind the nutrients in the water;
  5. Algae growth is almost completely restricted;
  6. The precisely constructed secondary filter allows the mineral zone to be thoroughly soaked;
  7. The set includes: filter, filter bed, 12 V 16,000 l pump and fittings;
  8. Performance: surface area of up to 50 m2 in the bathing zone;
  9. Filter dimensions: 300 cm x 125 cm
  10. Volume of filter minerals: 4.76 m3


This filter was built on the basis of a symbiosis of available filtration techniques designed to filter water without the use of disinfecting chemicals.

The filter effectively removes all nutrients from the water. For this reason, aquatic plants located in a pond will only grow to a very limited extent.

The filtration zone can be hidden under a landing or left uncovered and planted with specially selected aquatic plants that can be cultivated hydroponically. Water lilies must not be planted.

The filter pumps must remain running throughout the bathing season. Switching off the pumps rapidly results in the death of the biofilm and disrupts the biological balance of the pond.

The pond water must contain a maximum of 0.01 mg of phosphorus per liter of water, and a maximum of 40 milligrams of sulphate per liter of water.