HYDROIDEA is the Polish producer of unique natural biological products, as well as mixtures of minerals and deposits for various types of water reservoirs and treatment plants. The company is also a supplier of modern filtration devices and solutions that fit into the pro-ecological trend. HYDROIDEA operates in the field of hydrotechnical construction, with particular emphasis on specialist facilities. We offer complete range of services – from consulting, to design and implementation, and finally the maintenance of swimming ponds and other water reservoirs.


Over 15 years of experience in the maintenance and operation of water reservoirs, as well as expert technical knowledge, has resulted in products that are safe for the environment and ideally suited to the needs of our customers.


We are responsible for the comprehensive realization of investments, which includes: consulting and planning, conducting expert analysis, creating designs, and the construction of water reservoirs. We also provide support (both for operations and service), produce, sell, and distribute our own line of high-quality ecological products. We meet the requirements of municipal, city, and government administration representatives, and the requirements of other investors, all of whom are looking for a reliable partner for cooperation in this field.


Construction Investments

Comprehensive construction work including the creation of new water projects, as well as the reconstruction, modernization, and renovation of existing facilities:

  • - municipal water reservoirs and bathing areas;
  • - retention reservoirs;
  • - natural small water retention reservoirs;
  • - natural pools and ecological swimming ponds;
  • - ponds and breeding ponds;
  • - fountains, cascades, artificial rivers, streams, and water channels;
  • - industrial water reservoirs;
  • - hydro-botanical (or wetland) wastewater treatment plants.

Reclamation and conservation

Activities aimed at restoring degraded water reservoirs of both utilitarian and natural value, as well as carrying out conservation work:

  • - bioremediation of water reservoirs;
  • - remediation of industrial tanks;
  • - restoration of degraded water reservoirs;
  • - reclamation of lakes and rivers;
  • - removal of bottom sediments;
  • - deepening ponds;
  • - comprehensive water quality testing;
  • - planning activities aimed at improving water quality indicators.

How are we different?

Experienced team

We have completed over 300 projects for a wide variety of types of water reservoirs.

Modern technology

We use the most innovative technological solutions on the market.

Ecological approach

We use solutions and products that are safe for the environment and microbiological organisms.

Proven experts

We work with recognized experts, including Roman Bloch.

Specialized laboratory

We have a modern laboratory for the efficiently performing research and expert testing and analysis.

International activities

We have realized investments in Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

What do we provide?

Comprehensive offer

Our clients can fully meet their needs in one place, and with one contractor.

Professional advice

We choose the most profitable solutions, tailored to the expectations and budget assumptions of the investor.

Technical support

Thanks to the use of new technologies, we make it easier for our clients to obtain EU funding for a their projects.

Expert knowledge

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience, which can assist you in choosing the right solutions.

Attractive conditions

We guarantee our clients a very good ratio of service and product quality to price.

Reliable approach

We strive to perform the tasks entrusted to us with the utmost care and within the timeframe given.

Our distributors and partners.

Hydroidea’s Mission

We strive to build a harmonious balance between the needs of our clients and caring for the natural environment. Clean water is life, and the future of the Earth largely depends on it. We try to restore to nature what is being systematically taken from it by human activity: its remarkable ability of regeneration and self-cleaning.