AlgoLess is a universal anti-algae agent which quickly and effectively inhibits the growth of green algae, unicellular algae, and thread algae. By blocking photosynthesis and nutrient uptake, this mixture inhibits growth and leads to the death of various types of algae, and protects reservoir from subsequent blooms. In the recommended doses, this mixture is safe for the environment, people, plants, fish, and other animals.


AlgoLess Mixture:

  1. Anti-algae liquid;
  2. 100% effective;
  3. Contains substances that limit the growth of all kinds of algae;
  4. Reduces green algae, suspension algae, and thread algae;
  5. Inhibits the metabolism of algae, limiting their ability to photosynthesize;
  6. Prevents further algae growth;
  7. When used properly, it is safe for flora and fauna;
  8. Easy to use – dosing can be adapted to any type of water reservoir.


Applications: fish ponds, swimming ponds, natural ponds, and retention reservoirs.


Application method: 

A 500 ml bottle is sufficient for 10,000 liters of water. In the case of intense algae blooms, a double dose should be used. Follow the recommended doses.


Storage: Warning, keep out of the reach of children! Store in a cool, dry, shaded place, and protect against freezing.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


AlgoLess inhibits the metabolism of algae and thus prevents algae development.

In case of an intense algae bloom, we recommend reapplying the mixture after approx. 3 weeks.

UV radiation and high pH levels in the water may adversely affect the performance and effectiveness of the product.

AlgoLess has a very wide spectrum of action thanks to its active substances.

When used in accordance with the instructions, the preparation is harmless to fish, plants, and aquatic microorganisms.