BioChalix is a safe natural mineral that adsorbs phosphorus compounds, which can be used for phosphorus sorption to reach levels lower than 0.01 mg per liter of water. BioChalix is designed for use in marsh filters, pond filters, regeneration zones in swimming ponds, hydro-botanical treatment plants, and in household sewage treatment systems. It is very efficient, with an exceptionally large active surface area. Thanks to its porosity, which reaches 34%, it is an excellent substrate for bacteria that break down organic pollutants.


  1. Effective long-term phosphate binding;
  2. Pure, natural, phosphate adsorbent mineral with a fraction of 2-8 mm;
  3. Usable in any type of water reservoir;
  4. Perfect filter medium for ponds and swimming ponds;
  5. An ideal substrate for nitrifying bacteria; the mixture’s porosity reaches 34%;
  6. Phosphorus sorption of up to 188 g per 1 kg of the mixture;
  7. Packed in a 25 l bucket with 2 bags, or loose in a large 1 m3 bag;
  8. 1 m3 of substrate weighs approx. 870 kg.

Usage: check the water parameters, pour the BioChalix into the bags and close tightly. Wet the bags under running water and place them in the filter system, or at the point where the water flows. Alternative use: spread in the regeneration zone directly onto the drainage pipes. A 25 liter package should be used to treat up to a max. 25 m3 of water. In larger reservoirs use up to 1 m3 per 250 m3 of water. 1 kg of the mixture absorbs up to 188 grams of phosphorus in a swimming pond under ideal conditions. BioChalix increases the pH of the water when used in a large amounts, so check that the pH does not exceed 8.4 before use. After use, the water may be slightly tinted and deposits may form for several days.


BioChalix – phosphorus sorption study


BioChalix noticeably limits the development of unicellular green algae and thread algae. Adsorption of phosphorus from the water reservoir, and transferring the phosphorus to plants, takes place in a manner that completely bypasses algae.

BioChalix consists of natural minerals and selected lots of the highest quality limestone whose porosity, sorption, and ion exchange properties have been increased through a special technological process.

Phosphorus is the primary ingredient driving the growth of thread algae: 0.1 mg phosphorus = 0.306 mg phosphate ions. The limit, above which algae blooms occur, is 0.035 mg/l of phosphate.

BioChalix creates continuous long term reductions in the phosphorus content in water to below the algae bloom threshold level of 0.01 mg/l.

When properly used the product is completely safe for flora and fauna in water reservoirs. BioChalix is certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene.