BioKalonit is a basic aggregate for water reservoirs, proven to have very low phosphorus release levels. This is an efficient all-purpose mixture of rocks and filtration minerals for purifying water in swimming ponds, fish ponds, ornamental ponds, retention reservoirs, household and hydro-botanical sewage treatment plants, etc. The basic components are natural minerals, plant filters, and marsh filters. It has sorption capacity in relation to phosphates (PO4) and ion exchange properties. It also absorbs small amounts of nitrogen in the form of ammonium (NH3) and ammonia (NH4). The specific structure of the mixture of minerals allows for various types of impurities and colloidal particles to be bound from the water. As a result, the development of unicellular and thread algae is significantly reduced. BioKalonit is characterized by a large active surface and a decorative appearance.


  1. Safe all-purpose mixture of minerals for water reservoirs;
  2. Does not release phosphates and other harmful compounds into the water;
  3. An excellent substrate for water reservoirs, it replaces ordinary gravel and other aggregates;;
  4. The basic product is composed of natural minerals, plant filters, and marsh filters;
  5. Creates very good conditions for depositional plants to act as a biological filter;
  6. Absorbs heavy metals and radioactive elements;
  7. Adsorbs ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus compounds;
  8. Mix porosity exceeds 25%;
  9. Bulk packed in 25 KG buckets or in large 1000kg bags.
  10. 1000kg=0,5m3

How to use: soak with running water and then spread in an ornamental pond or swimming pond. A package of 25 kilograms is sufficient for 0,5 m2 of bottom surface. In larger tanks, 1000kg of the mixture is used up to 20 m2 of bottom surface.


BioKalonit removes phytoplankton and organochlorine compounds (THM and MX) from water, destroys parasites and pathogenic bacteria, absorbs heavy metals and radioactive elements.

The mixture consists of selected carbonate rocks, carbonate-silica rocks, volcanic rocks and tuffs, as well as highly pure zeolites.

It is possible to enrich BioKalonit with additional phosphorus adsorbents such as BioChalix minerals, depending on the needs revealed by the analysis of water parameters.

BioKalonit’s porosity creates ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria. These bacteria break down pollutants in the water, and facilitate the growth of small aquatic organisms such as daphnia.

Aquatic plants benefit from some of the substances absorbed by the minerals. And, as a consequence, you obtain a biologically balanced water reservoir, which supports the self-purification process of water.