Dispenser CO2


The Hydroidea Dispenser CO2 is easy to install and use, and has a built-in microprocessor controller and WLAN connection. It is designed for use with swimming ponds, ornamental ponds, and other natural bodies of water. The dispenser constantly monitors pH levels and maintains the correct level by adding carbon dioxide or oxygen as needed. Thanks to this, it automatically stabilizes the most important water parameters crucial for the proper functioning of biological filters and for maintaining the biological balance in the aquatic ecosystems.


Dispenser CO2

  1. Microprocessor controller with WLAN connection, for constant measurement and regulation of CO2, pH and CH levels;
  2. Constant and automatic water quality control;
  3. Effective support for filtration systems and maintenance of biological balance;
  4. Stabilization of pH and CH parameters;
  5. Blocks the growth of thread algae;
  6. Reduces phosphate levels;
  7. Provides the appropriate conditions for the development of aquatic plants and zooplankton;
  8. Measures pH within the range of 2.95 to 9.88;
  9. Operates properly in temperatures from above 0° C up to 70° C;
  10. For use in water reservoirs, ponds, and swimming ponds up to 150 m
  11. Dimensions: 160x160x90 mm, weight: 600 g, power consumption: max. 1 W, rated voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz.


The biological balance of any aquatic ecosystem can be easily disturbed by large or frequent fluctuations in the pH value of the water and the associated carbonate hardness (CH).

The use of the Dispenser CO2 is a guarantee of stable water parameters and the absence of thread algae in ornamental or swimming ponds.

Artificial enrichment of water with CO2 aims to increase the amount of free carbon dioxide, which provides the plants responsible for water treatment with stable growth conditions.

Dispenser CO2 comes complete with a pH electrode, calibration fluids, manual on a CD, and drivers for Windows.

When there is no wireless connection to a computer, the device can be controlled directly via the panel on the dispense