EcoGerm Ponds


This is a very efficient natural bacterial mixture with powdered barley straw extract which is intended for cleaning ornamental and garden ponds. EcoGerm Ponds contains selected strains of bacteria with different modes of action. These modes of action effectively reduce the amount of nutrients in the water which reduces the growth of algae and cyanobacteria, and increases the transparency of the water. In addition, EcoGerm Ponds eliminates unpleasant odors, reduces the level of phosphates and nitrates, and significantly reduces the amount of bottom sediments and siltation in garden ponds, storage reservoirs, breeding ponds and fish ponds. This improvement and maintenance of the microbiological balance of water ecosystems improves the resistance of the fish and increases their lifespan.

EcoGerm Ponds Mixture:

  1. 100% ecological and safe for humans, animals, and the environment;
  2. Contains powdered barley straw extract, which also limits algae growth;
  3. Extremely effective in reducing bottom sediment and silt;
  4. Increases the water transparency and eliminates unpleasant odors;
  5. Effectively reduces the amount of biogenic compounds in water (mainly nitrogen and phosphorus compounds);
  6. Quickly reduces the development of all algae and cyanobacteria;
  7. Has a positive effect on fish health and increases the population of daphnia;
  8. Contains very high concentrations of natural strains of non-pathogenic bacteria;
  9. Contains approx. a billion useful and effective microorganisms per gram;
  10. The composition of the bacterial mixture has the ability to bind heavy metals.

Applications: fish ponds (eg. Koi ponds), swimming ponds, natural ponds, large freshwater aquariums, and shrimp aquariums.

Application method: spread evenly over the water surface. A single starting dose is 100g / 10,000l. As a preventive measure, use 50g of the mixture per 10,000 liters per month. The agent can be used if the water temperature in the reservoir exceeds 8° C. Turn off any UVC lamps before applying the agent. UVC lamps can be turned on again after a few days.

Storage: store in a tightly closed container in a dry and well ventilated room at a temperatures between -30° C and 30° C.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


EcoGerm Ponds is one of the most efficient bacterial mixtures used to naturally clean ponds, storage reservoirs, and fish ponds. It is 100% safe, and long acting.

The essence of EcoGerm Ponds is to introduce probiotics into the water and bottom sediments, which contain natural groups of non-pathogenic and genetically unmodified microorganisms.

The mixture contains microorganisms which naturally occur in northern and central European ecosystems, and have been selected for their high respiratory activity, and their ability to degrade organic matter and other pollutants.

EcoGerm Ponds contains, in addition to these effective microorganisms, enzymes and growth stimulants which support the beneficial bacteria.

The probiotic bacteria contained in EcoGerm Ponds also improves the condition and disease resistance of all aquatic animals, and thereby contributes to population increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will EcoGerm Ponds do in my ornamental pond or retention pond?

It will reduce ammonia and nitrite levels, reduce foul odors caused by feces and dead organic matter, reduce the odor of hydrogen sulphide, improve water oxygenation, break down dead algae, reduce silt levels, and improve water clarity.


Do microorganisms need special conditions in the pond to function properly?

No, they can be used within 72 hours of using harmful algicides or strong anti-algae agents. It is necessary to turn off all UV lamps for a minimum of 48 hours after application so that the bacteria can multiply. Microbes work best in the pH range of 6.5 to 8.6 and at a water temperature greater than 8° C.


How many times a season should I use EcoGerm Ponds?

The bacteria contained in EcoGerm Ponds are very efficient and resistant to changing conditions in water reservoirs. EcoGerm Ponds should be applied 3 times a season; in early spring when the water temperature first exceeds 8° C, in the middle of summer, and finally in September. For support, EcoGerm Standard bacteria can be dosed regularly throughout the season.