HydroGravity is a series of highly efficient gravity filters designed for Type III bathing ponds and decorative ponds with a total water volume from 250 to 400 m³. Unlike other filtration systems, HydroGravity filters have a built-in carbon dioxide dispenser, a pump for dispensing selected mixtures, and a separate mineral deposit chamber for sorption. HydroGravity filters do not kill zooplankton – organisms that support the water purification process.

HydroGravity Filters

  1. Professional filters specially designed for natural swimming ponds and eco-pools;
  2. HydroGravity Set 250 000 – filter for ponds with a capacity of up to 250 m3 of water;
  3. Not harmful to natural microorganisms responsible for purifying algae from water;
  4. Reduces the occurrence of thread algae with its BioChalix filter bed chamber;
  5. Significantly reduces phosphate levels in the water;
  6. Equipped with a CO2 dispenser, and a dispensing pump for coagulants or a selection of other liquid substances;
  7. Constant monitoring and control of pH levels in the water;
  8. Automatically stabilizes the most important water parameters;
  9. No special filter chamber or concrete room for filters is required to be constructed;
  10. HydroGravity Filters can be buried directly near the water reservoir at water level;
  11. Large filter surface area through the use of sponges, bioballs, and Japanese mats;
  12. Made of strong plastic and aluminum;
  13. Dimensions (length x width x height) 4.2 m x 1.20 m x 1.0 m.
  14. Failure-free, and does not require cleaning as often as miniaturized systems.

Each HydroGravity filter consists of: 4 technological sections with 3-stage vertical filtration, a dry technological chamber, BioChalix filter bed formed from bags.

Option: energy-saving circulation pumps, CO2 dispenser, Hydroidea dosing pump.


The HydroGravity series of filters are professional filtration systems dedicated specifically to swimming ponds and all other reservoirs that you want to clean in the most natural and ecological way possible.

Daphnia and water fleas play an important role in water treatment. The HydroGravity filter panel system protects plankton from being destroyed by pumps and from being forced into mineral filtration zones.

Filtration organisms retained on special filter panels which are larger than 150 µ (eg. bosmina, water flea, 1-2 mm cyclops) are even able to filter the water multiple times a day

In ordinary filters, 100% of the organisms with a size of 500 µ, 60% with a size of 250-500 µ, and 30% with a size of 100-250 µ are killed due to pressure changes caused by the operation of centrifugal pumps. Only organisms smaller than 100 µ survive.

Water flows through the HydroGravity filter at a rate of up to 0.5 m3 / min. Thanks to this, on the one hand, the plankton population is preserved, and on the other - the mineral components of the filter are able to absorb much greater amounts of harmful compounds and pollutants.