Hydroidea Dosing Pump


The Hydroidea Dosing Pump is the newest model of microprocessor controlled dosing pump, with a display and language selection functionality. The device meets the requirements of IP67 waterproofing, and has an adjustable range of operation. Features: maximum pressure at the outlet – about one bar, normal operation – 0.8 bar; operating temperature range – from 0° C to 50° C; maximum capacity – 20 ml/min. The pump can be used in sewage treatment plants, aquariums, ponds, storage reservoirs, and swimming ponds.

Dosing pump with adjustable flow rate

  1. Applications in water treatment technologies;
  2. Precise dosing of liquid substances which support water filtration;
  3. Fulfills IP67, IP68 requirements;
  4. Very small, quiet, and easy to use;
  5. Ability to smoothly adjust dosing amounts;
  6. Ability to constantly dose any kind of liquid within the range from 2.5 to 10 pH;
  7. Dosing of coagulants, anti-algae mixtures, liquid fertilizers, and other agents;
  8. Menus in English and Polish;
  9. Works in temperatures ranging from just above 0° C to 50° C;
  10. Maximum capacity 20 ml / min.


The Hydroidea Dosing Pump gives incredible precision in dosing selected coagulants or other liquid products which support water filtration, biological, and chemical processes in natural water reservoirs.

Constant, controlled dosing of mixtures selected to prevent the growth of algae reduces the financial costs related to fighting algae.

Automated dosing greatly improves convenience, and reduces the amount of time needed to care for water reservoirs.

Hydroidea dosing pumps are environmentally friendly because of their high operational safety, quiet operation, and very low energy consumption.

Recommended for use in swimming ponds, eco-pools, ornamental garden ponds, fish ponds, retention tanks, large aquariums, and sewage treatment plants.