Precision, efficiency, and ease of use – these are the basic deciding features to consider when choosing an aquatic vacuum cleaner. This is specialized equipment, especially when we add one more requirement – it must be failure-free. However, there is a group of vacuum cleaners that meet these requirements, Rössle devices, which also have a range of useful accessories for ponds and other reservoirs. 


Anyone who has had to clean the substrate and walls of a swimming pond at least once, or has had to remove sediment and dirt from the more demanding surfaces of a water reservoir, knows how important good equipment is. Aquatic vacuum cleaners were created precisely to facilitate this process and improve the conditions of bathing and ornamental ponds. Saving time, and therefore money, is paramount in these cases. There is a wide range of vacuum cleaners available for specific types of water reservoirs, but not all of them meet the expectations customers. Rössle vacuum cleaners outperform their competitors, and are very practical thanks to a large number of interchangeable accessories and replaceable brushes. We are the general distributor for Rössle devices in the Polish market, and we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about integrating Rössle devices in your projects.

Less effort and better results

Rössle aquatic vacuum cleaners have been designed so that you use as little effort as possible for cleaning, and achieve results which satisfy even the most demanding owners when cleaning swimming ponds, retention reservoirs, and traditional pools. The secret lies not only in the design solutions of the machines themselves, but also in their ability to interchange elements – such as brushes and other accessories. These can be selected according to the shape and texture of the surface being cleaned, or if there are hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. In addition, the brushes can be combined with a suction hose that simultaneously sucks up dirt; this dramatically improves and accelerates cleaning. We currently offer four types of vacuum cleaners for ponds, swimming ponds, and other water reservoirs with replaceable brushes and interchangeable accessories.

Versatile - vacuum cleaner models for everyone

Two of the models of aquatic vacuum cleaners we offer are ideal for cleaning bathing, ornamental, and all other types of ponds. One of them – the Fango 2000 – because of its powerful suction, can raise sediments from a depth of up to 2.5 m. Larger impurities, such as leaves, etc., are separated into a mesh bag built into the vacuum cleaner. The device is compact, convenient to use, and attractively priced, especially when you consider all of its equipment, and its quality. Equally light, easily transportable, and versatile, it is the Torpedo, which is intended for larger ponds, and has an OSM turbine built into its head. This solution results in lower energy consumption and quieter operation when compared to other pumps. The Torpedo has a rugged construction, and strong suction.
With increased power – for professional use.
Swimming ponds and large-surface area reservoirs require reinforced vacuum cleaners, such as the Torpedo Ultra and the Octopus 400V. The Torpedo Ultra – designed for both everyday and professional use – is extremely efficient and has a powerful pump. Smooth, step-less power regulation improves its flexibility and ease of use. On the other hand, the Octopus 400V, is intended for municipal water reservoirs and large surface area swimming ponds, and is characterized by enormous suction power, which can be regulated remotely, e.g. by phone. Connecting an additional adapter also allows water to be sucked in simultaneously through two C-couplings, which improves work efficiency.

Replaceable brushes - for increased efficiency

For each of the above mentioned Rössle vacuum cleaners, the type of brush or other accessory can be matched to the most suitable solution for any given condition. The Bisam 44 wide roller brush is perfect for cleaning the bottom of ponds while removing dirt and sucking it out, virtually without disturbing the water. The Biber 22 brush is intended for cleaning dirt from the walls of a pond. It clings against the wall through suction, which enables it to work efficiently and save energy. It also has interchangeable brushes with different bristle hardnesses and cleaning pads. The speed and direction of the brush’s rotation can be set individually, depending on the current needs. Various other types of interchangeable accessories for aquatic vacuum cleaners which facilitate and improve the care of ponds are also important. Among these are: telescopic handles, separators (for gravel, stones, leaves, and other large objects), nozzles for gravel surfaces, and small round brushes for cleaning the corners of swimming ponds. All of your needs have been thought of, even the smallest details, so that cleaning sediment, silt, and other impurities from water reservoirs takes as little time and effort as possible. The aquatic vacuum cleaners described, and the replaceable brushes and useful accessories, can be purchased from our distributors throughout the country.

Odkurzacze do oczek wodnych i stawów kąpielowych Rössle – katalog – PDF
Rössle vacuum cleaners for ponds and swimming ponds – catalog  – 2020 – PDF