We specialize in creating hydrotechnical projects for various types of water reservoirs, taking into account the specific conditions of the land and the expectations of investors. We provide expert studies, environmental analyses, hydrological surveys, surveys of legal issues connected the water, and hydrotechnical expert opinions. When designing water reservoirs for recreational purposes we pay particular attention to the nature of the landscape. As a result, our ponds are harmoniously integrated into the surrounding space, and are characterized not only by exceptional beauty, but can often be deceptively similar to natural water reservoirs.


We have modern equipment and use innovative solutions that allow us to implement projects even in the most difficult conditions, for example in wetlands and swampy areas. We can also carry out renovation or revitalization projects for existing water reservoirs, and perform adaptations to new functions (e.g. from a decorative pond to a swimming pond).

We also design:

retention and technical reservoirs for the collection of rainwater;
firefighting reservoirs that can collect rainwater partially from rainwater drainage systems, and partially from the drainage system in the area surrounding the reservoir;
flood protection reservoirs that can retain a significant volume of flood surges and enable safe continuous drainage;
fish ponds, which can be equipped with additional mechanical and biological filters such as: plant, soil-root, and mineral-reed filters;
swimming ponds – ecological pools, that are both decorative and recreational.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about potential projects. Contact us.