Ponds are a great way to combine business with pleasure. These features give a special charm to gardens or parks, creating places for rest and relaxation. Decorative water features can take the form of large ponds, ornamental fish ponds, or small simple ponds – it all depends on the investor’s expectations and the topography. Each design of a pond can be adapted to the individual style and character of the surrounding landscape in order to fulfill the dreams of the owners, as well as those of the residents of the city or community, to create a perfect and harmonious space.

District retention reservoir


Natural water ponds and decorative ponds

We specialize in creating natural water reservoirs and decorative ponds of various types, both for institutional investors and private clients. We provide comprehensive services: from consulting, through design, to execution, and subsequent operational service. We also carry out work related to the reconstruction, improvement, or modernization of pre-existing large ponds, ornamental ponds, or other reservoirs.

Ecological solutions

We attach great importance to ecological solutions that help maintain the natural biological balance of aquatic ecosystems. Thanks to this, the water purification processes in the ponds we create are largely self-balancing, just like in clean natural bodies of water. Depending on the needs and type of the reservoir, we also support the natural filtration processes with advanced filtration devices.


Why is collaborating with us profitable?

No restrictions – we design and manufacture various types of reservoirs in accordance with our investors’ requirements and budget possibilities;
Technical support – we help in completing the formalities related to obtaining legal permits and construction permits for ponds;
Water tests – we offer a periodic testing service for the water parameters in ponds;
Natural mixtures – we produce high quality ecological bacterial mixtures and natural mixtures of minerals and deposits;
Ecological plants – we provide ecologically grown aquatic plants, including typical ornamental species (both seedlings and adult plants);
Care products and accessories – we have tested a range of products and accessories for the care of all types of water reservoirs.

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