Swimming pools with a natural appearance are a response to the needs of those customers who want to combine the best features of a swimming pond with those of a traditional swimming pool. Sand-resin natural pools, just like swimming ponds, can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding space, and achieve the same visual effect as a naturally created reservoir – an imitation of a mountain lake, or an exotic beach. These types of pools resemble a natural reservoir, but they are clean bathing areas devoid of algae, plants, fish, and other aquatic organisms. The constant temperature in natural swimming pools is maintained with the help of heat pumps. Thanks to this, you can use a sand-resin pool comfortably for much longer than just the two or three warm months of the year, regardless of the outside temperature. Crystal clear water at a constant temperature, safety, and a natural appearance make these types of swimming pools an attractive alternative to traditional swimming pools and bathing areas, especially in hotels and public places.

Naturally Luxurious

The arrangement possibilities of pools with a natural appearance are practically unlimited. They can take the form of crystal clear mountain ponds, reservoirs surrounded by an exotic beach or ponds hidden in the forest – it all depends on your personal preferences. In every case however, the construction technology is very similar – it is based on using natural and environmentally safe components, along with modern methods of waterproofing and filtration. Water filtration in natural swimming pools can be done using a salt electrolyzer and a sand filter, as a result we obtain water that is friendly to allergy sufferers, or – as in traditional swimming pools – with the use of safe chemical filters. The bottom of the natural pool, as well as its shores, can be freely formed and equipped with hydro massage devices or other solutions to enhance your enjoyment of the water.


Natural pools – GOOD TO KNOW:

we provide help in obtaining the permits required for the construction of natural swimming pools;
we use modern devices and proven technologies during the construction process;
we provide comprehensive services: from consultancy through design and execution, to specialized service and maintenance of natural pools;
our projects always take into account the individual requirements of the client, the possibilities of the area, and harmonious integration with the landscape.

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