At a time of increasing environmental pollution, in particular of surface waters, the costs associated with sewage disposal and with suppling clean water are also increasing. We propose the use of an alternate solution: hydro-botanic wastewater treatment systems. Cheaper to operate, more effective, and above all – safe for the environment. Hydro-botanic wastewater treatment systems meet all these needs and bring benefits not only for humans, but also contribute to the renewal of groundwater resources and the creation of valuable biotopes.

Ecological, meaning what?

In eco-treatment systems, (also called hydro-botanic, hydrophytic, or root-based systems), pollutants are removed naturally – with the help of plants and nitrifying bacteria. Wastewater treatment is carried out in several stages through the aerobic and anaerobic decomposition actions of microorganisms inhabiting the system of natural filters (plant, soil-root, and mineral-reed filters). Water recovered in this way can be used for agricultural purposes, for garden irrigation, and it can supply water reservoirs or – because its parameters are safe – be directly discharged into the soil.


This pays for itself!

Ecological sewage treatment plants are cheaper to build and operate when compared to traditional sewage treatment plants. They are also characterized by a higher treatment efficiency, and when considering the most important indicators, this corresponds to: maximum 95% for total phosphorus, slightly more than 90% for total nitrogen, and about 97% -98% of BOD5. These types of sewage treatment plants do not require constant supervision and constant energy usage. They are more reliable and less sensitive to changes in wastewater composition and quantitative differences. For this reason, they are perfect for small towns, villages, and housing developments with highly dispersed buildings.

Our proposal

Our services are especially oriented towards municipalities, cities, and investors planning to build modern ecological wastewater treatment plants, or to modernize and reconstruct existing sewage treatment plants. We are also able to prepare individual designs of hydro-botanic treatment plants tailored to the needs of specific factory, housing development, school, or holiday center. We provide comprehensive services: from design to construction, to subsequently supervising and ensuring the proper operation of the eco-treatment system.


Sewage treatment systems – GOOD TO KNOW:

we provide advisory services – selecting the appropriate concept for a hydro-botanic treatment system is of great importance when considering the subsequent use of the purified water;
the ecological sewage treatment systems we build meet all European Union standards;
we develop concepts, feasibility studies, and technical projects for ecological wastewater treatment systems.

Contact us, and we would be happy to learn about your expectations and needs.