Swimming ponds and eco-pools


A bathing pond harmoniously integrated into the character of the surrounding landscape is an increasingly popular solution, supported by many advantages such as: ecology, naturalness, aesthetics, pleasure, and ease of use. Swimming ponds are often a real work of applied art, created together with nature on the principles defined by the designer. Beautiful and unique.

Swimming ponds / eco-pools

Swimming ponds, or eco-pools, can be deceptively similar to natural water reservoirs. This is not surprising, as swimming ponds are built mainly from natural resources. The combination of a pebble beach, a wooden pier, shore and aquatic plants, fish stocks, and other aquatic animals not only contributes to a perfect end result, but also helps to create an appropriate ecosystem in the swimming pond. Basically, a swimming pond consists of three main parts: a bathing and recreation area, a plant area, and a regeneration and filtration area which is responsible for the self-cleaning capacity of the eco pool. Thanks to the use of innovative ecological technologies, efficient HydroGravity mechanical-biological filters, and plant filters rooted in specially selected mineral deposits, it is possible to obtain crystal clear water in an ecological pool and maintain its quality at a constant level. All without the use of harmful chemicals, chlorine, and other disinfectants.

Bathing ponds and traditional pools

The pleasure of using a swimming pond, which results mainly from contact with nature, is incomparably greater with a bathing pond. Also, bathing ponds are as safe as conventional tile covered pools, where the addition of chlorine and other chemical compounds eliminates any organic life. Swimming ponds are also generally cheaper to build and operate. The costs associated with the maintenance of eco-pools (care, cleaning, filtration) can be between 10 to 20 percent lower than the costs of maintaining traditional swimming pools. The difference is significant, especially in the context of intensively used communal swimming pools.

Our services

We offer comprehensive services related to the design of swimming ponds and other water reservoirs. We provide comprehensive assistance at every stage: from consulting, to professional water tests, through design and support, on to supervision over execution, and finally into to the care and maintenance cycle. Depending on the needs of our clients, we are able to redesign and modernize an existing bathing area in such a way that it serves as a swimming pond or eco-pool. We implement projects intended for both public and private use.

Why us? – GOOD TO KNOW:

we have over 15 years of experience in designing and building swimming ponds – we were one of the first to introduce this type of service to the Polish market;
we have tested all the available technologies to build swimming ponds on the market, chosen the best, and have supplemented them with our own proprietary solutions;
we currently have some of the best water filtration technologies for natural swimming pools on the European market;
we produce 100% natural ecological products intended for the care and maintenance of these types of projects and systems;
we provide individual designs tailored to the most demanding requirements of our customers, which take into account the possibilities of the terrain and the specificity of the landscape;
to maintain water quality, we use our own exceptionally efficient mineral and microbiological mixtures (Some of which are the fist of their kind in the world.);
our designs meet European safety requirements, FLL standards, and IOB and PSNWK guidelines for ponds and water reservoirs;
we use aquatic plants from our own ecological hydroponic nursery for planting in the regeneration zones of swimming ponds;
we only work with the best Polish and European designers of ecological bathing areas;
we use a laboratory specialized in the analysis and testing of water in swimming ponds;
we are able to design and – thanks to our cooperation with the best contractors in the country and abroad – realize even the most demanding private or public investments.


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