The magic of cascades, water walls, fountains, and rapidly flowing streams is undeniable. More and more investors are opting for beautifully illuminated water features that change typical interior or public spaces into unique places.


We make both traditional and unusual water decorations, which include:


  • city fountains which maintain a traditional style, or a modern style, and also those which make up a part of multimedia presentation;
  • water walls, which are simultaneously water paintings with a variety of themes;
  • cascade and waterfall features for both interior and exterior spaces;
  • artificial rivers in the form of elongated fountains, which serve perfectly as recreational areas in free urban spaces.

Fountains and water walls

Water features and decorations work very well as an creative aesthetic improvements for parks, squares, gardens, and other public places. Increasingly, they are also found in the interiors of luxury hotels, restaurants, and other facilities. Often the projects we implement are also created for the needs of various types of events, commercials, and film sets. We are able to adapt the form, shape, and type of water feature to the character of the space and the investor’s vision.

Why water features?

Decorative value is an undeniable advantage of water features, but there are other reasons for choosing these natural decorations. In fountains, cascades, waterfalls, and artificial rivers, the water is in constant motion, which prevents excessive growth of algae, moreover, on hot days, splashing water contributes to cooling the air. Such advantages become important especially in the case of outdoor water arrangements, such as gardens, parks, squares, and courtyards. On the other hand, interiors with water that is constantly in motion have a positive effect on the microclimate and well-being (water is one of the five fundamental elements of Feng shui).

Cascades, artificial rivers, and garden streams

As part of the development of water feature investments, we provide:

advice, tailored to the needs and budget assumptions, on the selection of optimal solutions;
full service, care, and maintenance of the water features we construct;
pumps and filtration systems that save up to 60 percent on electricity costs;
installation of lighting or devices responsible for special effects (e.g. RGB lamps, fog generators).

Contact us, we would love to learn about your expectations regarding fountains, water cascades, waterfalls, streams, or any other decorations and water features.