Restoring the natural state of water reservoirs


The degradation and transformation of aquatic environments has far-reaching negative effects beyond those on the natural environment. Impaired aquatic ecosystems are unable to function properly. In extreme cases when they fail, it can often lead to to the complete disappearance of natural water reservoirs, and with them – unique fauna and flora. On the other hand, the loss of the natural functions of water ecosystems is not neutral to the economy. The economic losses incurred as a result of the need for complex treatment of polluted waters or for repairing the effects of floods are enormous. In such situations, it is necessary to renaturalize water reservoirs – to carry out activities aimed at restoring degraded water ecosystems to their original functions. Both, for the sake of the environment, and for economic development.

The scope of our services

We renaturalize various types of natural and artificial water reservoirs, including ornamental ponds, ponds, lakes, oxbow lakes, and wetlands; stopping the degradation process and restoring them to a state as close to natural as possible. Where conditions allow, we are able to restore failing water reservoirs and repopulate them with flora and fauna, thereby supporting the sustainable development principles of towns and villages regarding environmental protection. We also carry out investments aimed at creating new water reservoirs to replace failed reservoirs.

Renaturalization of water reservoirs – GOOD TO KNOW:

we analyze the requirements, possibilities, and limitations connected with restoring each reservoir;
we plan and implement the renaturalization, taking into account all the details of particular reservoir;
we operate on the basis of innovative solutions that allow us to efficiently and effectively implement reservoir restoration projects;
we also carry out remediation processes for restoring work areas, as close as possible, to their original natural state before work started.

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