pH Minus


Hydroidea pH Minus is used to very quickly and safely lower the alkaline pH of water in ornamental ponds, fish ponds, retention reservoirs, and swimming ponds. Lowering the high pH of the water immediately counteracts ammonia poisoning, shortages the of carbon dioxide required by plants, improves the well-being of fish, and the increases the absorption of nutrients by aquatic plants. pH-Minus leaves no harmful substances in the water and is safe for flora and fauna when used properly.

pH Minus Mixture:

  1. 100% effective;
  2. Rapidly reduces high pH levels in all kinds of of bodies of water;
  3. To be used with pH levels above 8.5;
  4. Safe for humans, animals, and plants at the recommended dose;
  5. Easy to use with all types of bodies of water;
  6. Fast acting, with immediately visible effects.

Application method:

Determine the pH level of the water. pH Minus should be spread as evenly as possible over the surface of the water reservoir. Warning, avoid direct contact with plants and animals! Filters and other devices may remain active during application. Use only when a sample taken in the evening has a pH above 8.5. Yield: 5 liters of the agent is sufficient for 50,000 liters of water.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


The pH value of the water in the swimming pond, backyard pond, or other body of water should be regularly checked. Hydroidea pH Minus lowers the pH factor, i.e. acidifies the water.

Maintaining the correct pH of the water is very important because it affects the condition of the entire aquatic ecosystem. The most common symptom of abnormal pH is the sudden growth of planktonic algae.

A result of elevated pH values, is that fish may behave apathetically, and carbon dioxide deficiency can be manifested by aquatic plants growing poorly.

gae blooms, and materials such as concrete or certain garden stones, can raise pH levels. In such situations, a single application of pH Minus will not have lasting effectiveness.

In fish ponds, pH must not be lowered too quickly, never more than one unit per day. Do not use pH Minus when the water is acidic (below pH 7.0), or when the CH level is very low.