PondClarin is an ecological agent based on humic compounds and condensed extracts from tree bark, a safe and natural flocculant. It makes fine suspensions and algae floating in the water coalesce into flocs that are easy to remove mechanically. These flocs fall to the bottom of the reservoir, leaving the water clean and transparent. This mixture is safe for people, plants, fish, and other animals.

PondClarin Mixture:

  1. 100 percent ecological;
  2. Natural liquid flocculant;
  3. Safe for people, animals, and the environment;
  4. Usable in any type of water reservoir;
  5. Binds to dirt particles suspended in the water so they can be removed mechanically;
  6. Works very quickly, and effectively to eliminate ‘green’ water;
  7. Results are often visible after a few hours;
  8. Safely and naturally purifies cloudy water;
  9. No risks of overdosing with this mixture;
  10. Easy to use – dosing can be adjusted for every type of water reservoir.


Applications: fish ponds, swimming ponds, natural ponds, and freshwater aquariums


Application method: 500 ml for 10 000 liters of water.


Storage: Store in a cool shaded area above freezing temperatures. This is a natural product and sediment may form in the bottle.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


Solids suspended in water can damage the gills of the fish, which can lead to infection and, in extreme cases, death of the fish.

Initially after using PondClarin, dirt particles may float just below the surface of the water - and if left untouched, they will quickly sink to the bottom of the pond.

In more serious cases with higher water contamination, it may be necessary to reapply PondClarin. Successive applications should not be done more frequently than once a week.

PondClarin, when used in conjunction with EcoGerm Ponds, reduces the need for manual and mechanical cleaning of ponds without filter systems.

Biological and natural preparations work slower than chemical products available on the market, however, they are much safer and have longer lasting effects.