This mixture eliminates even the most resistant thread algae within a period of between minutes to 24 hours. The immediate release of active oxygen quickly destroys the structure of algal cells. Dead algae are pushed to the surface, which makes them easy to remove mechanically, e.g. with a net. The remaining algae residues collect in the filters or fall to the bottom of the tank, where they are broken down by bacteria. The preparation supports the work of beneficial microorganisms responsible for the decomposition of sediment, dead algae, and silt. Effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, and increases both oxygenation and water transparency. It can be used very effectively to counteract oxygen deficiency in the deeper parts of water reservoirs. Free from harmful biocides (e.g. monolinuron), and heavy metals (e.g. copper sulphate). This mixture, when used in the recommended doses, is safe for humans, plants, fish, and other aquatic organisms

AlgoSplit Mixture:

  1. 100% biodegradable;
  2. Quickly kills even the most stubborn thread algae;
  3. Eliminates unpleasant odors and reduces silting;
  4. Oxygenates the water and improves its clarity;
  5. Effectively oxygenates the water in the deeper parts of water reservoirs;
  6. Accelerates the action of bacterial products;
  7. Dissolving the agent in water does not leave any by-products;
  8. Effects are visible within a few minutes of applying the mixture;
  9. Useable multiple times per season;
  10. Easy to use – dosing can be adjusted to any type of water reservoir;
  11. Safe for humans, animals, and the environment when used properly;
  12. No heavy metals or organic biocides, and does not accumulate in living organisms.


Applications: fish ponds, swimming ponds, natural ponds, retention reservoirs, lakes, Koi ponds, cascades, and garden streams.


Application method: this mixture can be used many times per season. AlgoSplit works selectively on contact. It should be spread evenly on the surface of the water reservoir in the morning or directly on the thread algae. Warning, do not spread directly on the leaves of aquatic plants protruding above the water surface! Dead algae remnants and sediment are best removed with a pond vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, apply PhosSorb phosphate absorbent and EcoGerm Ponds bacteria to prevent future invasions of filamentous algae.


Dosage: use 1 kg of the mixture per 30,000 l of water. In the case of large amounts of algae, the dose can be increased up to three times. As a preventive measure, use half of the recommended dose once a week. Apart from these exceptions, the recommended doses should be followed.


Before administering the mixture, check the CH (carbonate hardness) and pH (acidity) of the water.

  • If the pH is over 8.5, use pH Minus first.
  • If the CH is less than 5.5 (soft water), use PondStabil first.


Warning! When applying the mixture, general safety measures, protective gloves, and protective goggles should be used. Do not allow the preparation to come into contact with the skin or eyes – it can cause irritation. Keep away from children. Store in a cool, dry place, and prevent from freezing.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


After using AlgoSplit, it is recommended to use PhosSorb to bind the phosphates released into the water. This mixture binds the main nutrients that cause the development of thread algae.

Thanks to active oxygen, AlgoSplit quickly destroys thread algae, oxygenates the water in the reservoir, and supports the decomposition of sediments and silt.

AlgoSplit can be used to prevent oxygen deficiencies during summer (diaphoretic) and to provide oxygen during winter.

This mixture also fights slime molds living in symbiosis with thread algae; the effectiveness of water filtration processes is increased by the removal of algae and slime mold

AlgoSplit is fully biodegradable. The active substance of the preparation (hydrogen peroxide) decomposes into water and oxygen after a few moments.