BioLignit is a specialized briquette made from a mineral which is formed naturally under the influence of low pressures on layers of peat and which retains a relatively well-preserved wood structure. It lowers and maintains a low pH of the water, introduces humic compounds and tannins into the water, and inhibits the growth of algae and cyanobacteria. It promotes plant growth and is safe for fish, crayfish, and other aquatic organisms.



  1. Softens water, lowers and maintains a low pH of water;
  2. Natural ecological protection against algae;
  3. For use in all types of water reservoirs;
  4. Contains from 35% to 45% humic acid;
  5. 100% safe for fish, crayfish, and zooplankton;
  6. Free from chemical additives, pathogenic germs, and toxic substances;
  7. Prevents the excessive growth of algae and cyanobacteria;
  8. Restores the biological balance and stabilizes water parameters;
  9. Standard package: 2 ready-to-use bags in a 25 L bucket

Usage:  check the water parameters, soak well, and place the bags in the filter system or in the water flow. A 25 liter package should be used for 5 m3 of water. May slightly tint the water.


Lignite is one of the components of brown coal which is is formed from peat under light pressure and which has a relatively well-preserved wood structure.

BioLignit is a specialized mineral, a selected lignite with a very high content of humic acids, that has been formed into briquettes.

Unlike peat and thanks to briquetting, it is a suitable component for filter beds and mixtures for swimming ponds and other water reservoirs.

Once wetted, the mineral should not be allowed to dry, as it may break into smaller pieces when put back into the water.

For best results, BioLignit should be placed in a location with high water flow: in a filter, next to a filter outlet, in a cascade, in a stream, or next to the diffuser of an air pump.