BioPorif is a mixture of natural minerals including, selected porous limestone rocks, siliceous rocks, and petrified sponges. This mixture provides sorption of phosphate ions to less than 0.035 mg per liter of water. Thanks to its porosity, of approx. 38%, it is an excellent substrate for bacteria and biofilms. Depending on the conditions, it can absorb up to 20 grams of phosphorus per 1 kg of the mixture. It is used as a safe cheap filter bed in the filtration chambers of water reservoirs, as well as a mineral substrate in regeneration and plant zones. BioPorif works well as a substrate for marsh filters, as well as hydro-botanical and marsh sewage treatment plants.



  1. A pure natural mixture of phosphate adsorbent minerals, with a fraction of 2-16 mm;
  2. Usable in any type of water reservoir;
  3. Perfect filter medium for retention reservoirs, ornamental ponds, and swimming ponds;
  4. An ideal substrate for bacteria, total porosity 38%, open porosity 23%;
  5. Limits and inhibits the growth of all kinds of algae;
  6. Sorption of phosphorus up to 20 g per 1 kg of the mixture;
  7. Packed in a 25 L bucket, or in bulk in a large 1 m3 bag;
  8. Polish National Institute of Hygiene approved and with an additional certificate of radiation hygiene.

Application method: check the water parameters, soak with running water, and spread over the ornamental pond or swimming pond. A package of 25 liters is sufficient for 5 m3 of water. In larger reservoirs, 1 m3 of the mixture is used with a maximum of 50 m3 of water. BioPorif may slightly stain the water and cause deposits to form for several days.


BioPorif limits the development of unicellular green algae and thread algae.

Bioporif consists of a selection of porous limestone rocks, calcareous silica, and fossilized sponges.

Phosphorus is the primary ingredient driving the growth of thread algae: 0.1 mg phosphorus = 0.306 mg phosphate ions. The limit, above which algae blooms occur, is 0.035 mg/l phosphate.

Bioporif creates continuous long term reductions in the phosphorus content in water to below the algae bloom threshold level of 0.01 mg/l.

When properly used the product is completely safe for flora and fauna in water reservoirs. Bioporif is certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene.