BioZeolit is a natural mineral which has been specially activated to act as a biological filter in swimming ponds, breeding and fish ponds, ornamental ponds, swimming pools with chlorinated water, as well as in household sewage treatment systems. It supports the natural process of water self-purification and is an excellent substrate for aquatic plants. Especially recommended for breeding Koi due to its quality and exceptional purity (low admixture content). BioZeolit is obtained from clinoptilolite deposits specially selected for their high quality and purity. These properties have a huge impact on its ion exchange capacity and the long duration of its sorption properties.


  1. Effective long-term reduction of ammonia and nitrogen compounds;
  2. Pure and natural mineral mixture with a fraction of 2-8 mm;
  3. For use in all types of water reservoirs;
  4. An ideal filter medium for ornamental ponds and Koi ponds;
  5. A good substrate for nitrifying bacteria;
  6. Mix porosity of up to 30%;
  7. Cleanliness unparalleled in the European market;
  8. Standard package: a 25 L bucket with 2 bags;
  9. Available on request in a large 1 m3 bag;
  10. 1 m3 of BioZeolite weighs approx. 850 kg

Usage: pour into bags and close well. Soak under running water and place the bags in the filter system or at a point where water flows. Alternative use: scatter in the regeneration zone of a swimming pond or in a pond’s marsh filter. After a maximum of 120 days, remove the filter granules in the bags and replace them with a new ones. A 25-liter package is used for a maximum water volume of 25 m3 without fish, and for a maximum water volume of 10 m3 of water with fish.


BioZeolit plays an important role in water treatment. It adsorbs ammonia, nitrogen compounds, and other harmful substances (e.g. heavy metals and radioactive elements).

BioZeolit neutralizes acidic water, corrects pH levels, and removes micro-pollutants from the water caused by chlorination (THM and MX).

Due to its high porosity, BioZeolit captures colloidal particles and dissolved organic matter, while providing an excellent environment for the development of beneficial bacteria (nitrifying bacteria).

BioZeolit as an excellent ion exchanger, and reduces water hardness (removes calcium and magnesium cations).

BioZeolite is obtained only from clinoptilolite deposits specially selected for high quality and purity, therefore it is currently the best zeolite for use in Koi ponds.