EcoGerm Cess

EcoGerm Cess – is a natural biological mixture for septic tanks and household sewage systems. It contains a high concentration of selected microorganisms, enzymatic ingredients, and biological activators. EcoGerm Cess supports the proper treatment of wastewater, and accelerates the decomposition and liquefaction processes. When introduced into a septic tank or toilet, it decomposes waste into water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen compounds. EcoGerm Cess protects domestic plumbing, drainage, and absorbent wells, and reduces the fill rate of septic tanks. Easy to use – in the form of easy-to-apply sachets. Safe for people, animals, and the environment.

EcoGerm Cess Mixture:

  1. 100% ecological, safe for humans, animals, and the environment;
  2. Supports proper wastewater treatment, and accelerates the decomposition and liquefaction processes;
  3. Contains a very high concentration of selected microorganisms;
  4. Effectively breaks down biological waste;
  5. Limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
  6. Removes fatty residues and prevents their formation;
  7. Eliminates unpleasant odors;
  8. Reduces the frequency you need to empty septic tanks;
  9. Easy to use – in easy-to-apply sachets;
  10. Highly efficient – 1 package lasts for 12 months;
  11. Highly concentrated – 1 g of the mixture contains 4 billion bacteria;
  12. 1 sachet contains 120 billion bacteria;
  13. Packaging: 360 g – 12 sachets of 30 g each;
  14. Effectiveness – 3,000 l / 4 people / 12 months.


Applications: septic tanks, household sewage treatment systems, individual sewage systems, and tanks for liquid manure and sewage.


Dosage and method of use:

One sachet (30 g) once a month, or half a sachet (15 g) every 14 days. Pour the mixture into the toilet and flush. A single dose is enough for 4 regular users, or for one waste tank (settling tank) with a capacity of about 3,000 liters. A greater number of users, or the use of strong chemicals require a proportional increase in the dose of the mixture or the frequency of its application.


Storage: store in a tightly closed container in a dry and well ventilated room at a temperature of between -30° C to 30° C.


Public toilets, slurry tanks, or septic tanks must be filled with a minimum layer of water, EcoGerm Cess only breaks down waste in an aquatic environment.

At start-up, and each time the septic tank or sewage treatment system is emptied, EcoGerm Cess Starter bioactivator should be applied beforehand. In problematic tanks, you can additionally apply EcoGerm Cess Tabs.

For a better effect, try to minimize the use of chemical cleaning agents while the mixture is in use.

EcoGerm Cess maintains its properties for 3 years from the date of production. After this time it is still usable, but its effectiveness may be lessened, which must be taken into account when calculating dosages.

All EcoGerm Cess products reduce bottom sediment deposits, prevent the formation of surface scum, and have the ability to bind heavy metals. They are resistant to household chemicals.