EcoGerm Lakes


The EcoGerm Lakes microbial mixture is a revolutionary and completely safe tool in the fight against water pollution. It is used for reclamation, bioremediation, and the elimination of siltation of artificial and natural water reservoirs such as swimming ponds and natural lakes. EcoGerm Lakes is characterized by a unique, and exceptionally highly concentrated composition bacterial microorganisms (selected strains of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria, as well as psychrophilic and psychrotrophic bacteria with different modes of action) with a high ability to remove phosphorus compounds. As a result, the mixture works quickly and effectively to restore the natural biological balance. It purifies and treats water in a natural way that is safe for humans, animals, and other organisms. While water reservoirs are being treated with EcoGerm Lakes they can be used for fishing, recreation, and sports.

EcoGerm Lakes Mixture:

  1. 100% ecological and completely safe for humans, animals, and the environment;
  2. Extremely effective in mineralizing bottom sediments and reducing silt;
  3. Very effective in reducing the amount of biogenic compounds in water (nitrogen and phosphorus compounds);
  4. Quickly reduces the development of thread algae, green algae, and cyanobacteria;
  5. Eliminates unpleasant odors and increases water transparency;
  6. Has a positive effect on fish health and increases the zooplankton population;
  7. Contains very high concentrations of natural strains of non-pathogenic bacteria;
  8. Contains bacteria that break down urea quickly;
  9. In addition to the work of beneficial microorganisms, it effectively and permanently binds phosphorus compounds.

Application method: spread the powder over the water surface. 1 kg of the mixture is sufficient for 100,000 liters of water. The mixture can be used with water temperatures of 8° C and above. It can discolor the water slightly and cause sediments to persist for several days.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


EcoGerm Lakes is currently the most efficient bacterial product for the bioremediation and rehabilitation of water reservoirs. This mixture is multifunctional and long acting.

These bacteria effectively counteract eutrophication, (i.e. the process of increasing the fertility of water reservoirs through the accumulation of various phosphorus and nitrogen compounds in their waters), and in consequence significant reduces the amounts of organic matter.

One kilogram of pure phosphorus, with a sufficient amount of nitrogen compounds, can contribute to the production of as much as 500 kg of phytoplankton biomass.

A unique feature of EcoGerm Lakes’ bioremediation method is its absolute safety for the natural environment, non-invasiveness towards the structure and functions of aquatic organisms, and its speed of action.

EcoGerm Lakes microbial bioremediation also results in the improvement of the chemical and biological properties of water, the reduction in the thickness of organic bottom sediments, and an increase in the degree of sediment mineralization.