EcoGerm Standard

EcoGerm Standard – a concentrated microbiological preparation for regular use in ponds, including fish ponds. It contains selected resistant strains of beneficial bacteria along with enzymes. EcoGerm Standard purifies water, reduces the level of chlorophyll, improves clarity, and accelerates the decomposition of organic waste. It also lowers the level of bottom sediments by reducing the organic substances contained in the form of dead plants, feces, and unused food residues. By utilizing the ‘occupied space’ effect these microorganisms inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. This restores the ecological balance and accelerates the natural biological self-cleaning processes. EcoGerm Standard eliminates unpleasant odors and restores the oxygen balance in the water reservoir.

EcoGerm Standard Mixture:

  1. 100% ecological and safe for humans, animals, and the environment;
  2. This agent is intended for the biological purification of water in fish ponds;
  3. Increases the transparency of water and eliminates unpleasant odors;
  4. Purifies organic pollutants from water;
  5. By using the ‘occupied space’ effect, it inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria;
  6. Restores the oxygen balance in water reservoirs;
  7. When used regularly, it reduces the growth of algae and reduces the level of chlorophyll;
  8. There are over 3 billion beneficial microorganisms in 1 gram of the product;
  9. One sachet contains a minimum of 75 billion bacteria;
  10. Sachet volume: 25 grams;
  11. Volume: 5 m3 of water.

Applications: fish ponds, Koi ponds, cascades, streams, watering ponds for animals, large freshwater aquariums.


Application method: take 5 liters of water from the reservoir into a plastic container, add the contents of the sachet to it and dissolve, and then spread the solution over as much of the surface area of the water as possible.


Dosage: initial dose of 25 g of the preparation per 5 m3 of water in the reservoir, preferably after applying the EcoGerm Starter bacterial starter. Subsequent doses to maintain the action of the agent: 25g of the preparation per 5m3 of water in the reservoir. In order to maintain the effects, it is recommended to use a maintenance dose once a month during the season. Turn off UVC lamps before applying the agent, and then turn them on again after a few days.


Storage: store in a tightly closed container in a dry and ventilated room at a temperature between -30° C to 30° C.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates

Good to know

EcoGerm Standard is most effective when used in water at temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius.

Use EcoGerm Standard regularly once the spring application of the EcoGerm Starter and EcoGerm Ponds has been completed.

Microbiological preparations must not be used together with disinfectants and antibiotics. Microbiological preparations must not be mixed or dissolved in chlorinated water.

The probiotic bacteria contained in all EcoGerm products improves the condition and resistance of fish and other aquatic organisms.

Regular use of the full range of EcoGerm products is a guarantee of clean and transparent water all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a season should I use the EcoGerm Standard microbiological preparation?

The EcoGerm Standard bacteria should be used only after the application of the EcoGerm Starter bacterial starter and the EcoGerm Ponds bacteria, and only when the water temperature exceeds 10° C. The optimal time for use is May, June, July and August.