Aquatic plants for water reservoirs and mineral-plant zones

Producer & Wholesaler of aquatic plants


It would be difficult to imagine a large decorative pond, or an ecological swimming pond, without aquatic plants. Aquatic plants have a huge influence on the appearance of a body of water. Plants are responsible for giving bathing ponds and other ponds a specific character, as well as ideally integrating any water reservoir into the surrounding space. The decorative and design role of aquatic plants is undeniable, but they also play a much more important role. Plants help to maintain the biological balance in water reservoirs, and as a result – maintain the water’s ability to purify itself. Plant species specifically selected for each retention reservoir, decorative pond, or other pond:


  • contribute to maintaining the correct water parameter levels,
  • are responsible for the appearance of water (crystalline, clear),
  • reduce the development of algae and cyanobacteria,
  • eliminate dangerous bacteria of the genus Salmonella or Escherichia Coli,
  • remove toxic compounds, nitrates, heavy metals, phenols, and cyanides from the water,
  • protect the shores of the water reservoir,
  • create optimal conditions for the development of fauna.

Thanks to technologically advanced water filtration methods used in some types of natural eco-pools, it is possible to completely eliminate aquatic plants. However, in ecological bathing ponds, the wetland still plays an important role in the water purification process, and are the main foundation of the regeneration zone.

We offer a very large selection of aquatic plant species for every type of zone and for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Collectible plants – used in arranging colorful, floral accents,
  • Hydrophyte and filtration plants – which play an important role in maintaining the proper water quality levels, and are intended for use in the regeneration, mineral, and plant zones of bathing ponds,
  • Underwater plants – which are rooted at the bottom of the reservoir and purify and oxygenate the water, while providing food and shelter for fish and other fauna,
  • Floating plants (both surface and sub-surface varieties) – purify and oxygenate the water while drawing nutrients directly from it,,
  • Shore plants – these protect the shores of water reservoirs, and are extremely decorative, perfect for covering unnatural elements and for providing shelter for fauna,
  • Plants intended for marsh zones and depositional plants – play a very important role in water purification, and inhibit the development of algae and cyanobacteria,
  • Plants living in dry zones or seasonal wet zones – ideal for planting water gardens or near any water reservoir,

We supply aquatic plants for each type of reservoir:

  • lakes,
  • retention reservoirs,
  • artificial ponds and decorative ponds,
  • household ponds,
  • ecological swimming ponds,
  • natural swimming pools,
  • breeding ponds, fish ponds etc.

Our aquatic plants – GOOD TO KNOW:

we are a wholesaler of aquatic plants dedicated to serving specialized clients;
we grow aquatic plants ecologically on natural BioKalonit mixtures of volcanic minerals and safe peat substrates;
we do not use any fertilizers, our plants are free from a large variety of phosphorus compounds and nutrients;
we sell both seedlings and adult aquatic plants with clean bare roots, and thereby minimize the risk of polluting reservoirs;
we sell ready to use aquatic plants in minimum lots of 100 pieces per species
we offer aquatic plants in various forms and stages of development, we are one of only a few companies in Poland which provides large examples of adult plants,
we have preselected collections of aquatic plants for filling retention reservoirs and the mineral-plant zones of lakes and ponds;
we provide advice on choosing the right plant species for a given water reservoir and for specific water parameters.