Bioremediation of water, lakes, and reservoirs


The contamination of settling ponds and water reservoirs in the era of intensive industrial development is has become an everyday occurrence. Industrial reservoirs and settling ponds degrade and require periodic sediment extraction and cleaning. On the other hand, with natural water reservoirs, most often the deterioration of the physico-chemical and hygienic-sanitary water parameters is caused by an of excess of biogenic compounds; this leads to eutrophication and massive algae blooms. The algae die off that inevitably follows the bloom in turn contributes to a secondary pollution of the waters. This forms a vicious circle, and the biological balance of the reservoir is effectively destroyed.

We deal with the purification and bioremediation of lake and pond waters.

We specialize in purifying lake waters, reducing the level of phosphorus compounds, and processing and reducing bottom sediments. One of our main activities centers around the remediation of industrial reservoirs, and bioremediation of natural and artificial water reservoirs, such as: lakes, ornamental and bathing ponds, to restore their biological balance. For this purpose, we use modern solutions based on bacterial products that activate the processes of microbial biodegradation to restart the biological self-purification processes of aquatic ecosystems. Hazardous substances are broken down by microorganisms into less toxic or completely non-toxic substances. As a result, the condition of water reservoirs improves significantly, and the microflora pathogenic to humans and aquatic organisms is removed in stages. The water becomes clearer, the sediment and siltation levels are reduced, proper levels of dissolved oxygen are stabilized, all of which has a positive effect on aquatic organisms.


We are the producer of the EcoGerm Lakes bio-formulation which is highly concentrated and has the highest efficiency parameters in the world.


Why is microbial bioremediation the recommended method for cleaning lakes?

Comparison of the traditional methods of lake reclamation with the microbiological method – read: EcoGerm Bioremediation

Remediation and bioremediation – GOOD TO KNOW:

choosing remediation or bioremediation methods and taking action are always preceded by an appropriate physico-chemical analysis of the water, this allows the types and levels of pollution to be determined;
we use our unique range of products for the bioremediation of water reservoirs. These biological mixtures, such as, EcoGerm Starter, EcoGerm Lakes, and EcoGerm Ponds, are the first of their kind in the world;
the preparations we use for bioremediation of water reservoirs are completely safe for humans, aquatic fauna, and the environment, and, while the various mixtures are being used, a reservoir can be used for fishing, recreation, and sports.

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