A mineral agent that prevents the growth of algae through the long-term binding of phosphates, and removes poisonous heavy metals such as copper, lead, and zinc from the water. PhosBinder contains the PhosBinder Ca, PhosBinder Fe, and PhosBinder Zeolite filter cartridges.

PhosBinder Ca is a white, porous calcium mineral. Phosphates and heavy metals are effectively and permanently bound in the porous structure of the mineral.

PhosBinder Fe is a brown, porous iron mineral which efficiently binds phosphates and sulfides.

PhosBinder Zeolite is a high porous natural mineral, characterized by a high absorption of ammonia and nitrogen compounds.

PhosBinder Agent:

  1. 100% ecological;
  2. Effective long-term phosphate binding;
  3. Application is very simple and safe, thanks to three ready-made filter cartridges;
  4. The filter material along with the bound phosphorus can be used as garden fertilizer;
  5. Ideally suited for phosphate adsorption during the winter months;
  6. Can be used in any body of water;
  7. Recommended as replaceable porous filter cartridges;
  8. Harmless to humans, plants, and animals;
  9. Purely mineral agent.

Application method: A set of three 1 kg filter cartridges is sufficient for up to 60 days for 16,000 liters with a stocked reservoir, and 50,000 liters with a non-stocked reservoir. Before use, filter cartridges should be rinsed under running water and used directly in filters. In winter they should be used at the diffuser of the air pump, or in other places with good water circulation, i.e. streams, cascades, and around the pump. This product may slightly discolor the water for some time.
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


PhosBinder reduces the phosphate content in the water below the limit value required for algae growth: 0.030 mg/l, which gives longer term protection from algae blooms for the body of water.

PhosBinder can successfully replace original filter cartridges from various filter manufacturers, or it can be used as a supplementary cartridge.

Phosphorus compounds are permanently removed from the water reservoir in the sorption processes. Eliminating those phosphates from any possible future release.

One set of three PhosBinder filter cartridges, under ideal conditions, is able to bind at least 200 g of PO4. This is currently the best and cheapest way to bind phosphorus compounds.

Regular use of PhosBinder helps to keep water reservoirs in the proper condition. This agent is completely natural and safe to use.