A mineral mixture that effectively binds phosphates. Phosphate binding effectively inhibits the growth and development of all kinds of algae in water reservoirs. PhosSorb limits the formation of bottom sediments, thus preventing the accumulation of silt and the formation of sludge. It improves the condition of aquatic plants. When used used in the recommended doses the mixture is safe for humans, plants, fish, and other aquatic organisms.


PhosSorb Mixture:

  1. Purely mineral product, 100 percent ecological;
  2. Immediate, permanent, and effective phosphate binding;
  3. Effectively reduces the growth of thread algae;
  4. Ideal protection for water reservoirs over winter;
  5. Limits the formation of silt and sludge;
  6. Enhances the performance of filters and filtration systems by reducing algae levels;
  7. Sorption of phosphorus up to 199 g;
  8. Easy to use – dosing can be adjusted to any type of water reservoir;
  9. Safe for Koi and sturgeon.


Applications: fish ponds, swimming ponds, natural ponds, retention reservoirs, lakes, Koi ponds, and sewage treatment plants.


Application method: administer the preparation in the amount of 500 g per 10,000 l of water. PhosSorb should be used before and after winter, when water reservoirs have the highest phosphate concentrations, and also in summer if an algae bloom has occurred. If phosphate constantly enters the water reservoir from some source, e.g. overfeeding fish or surface runoff from fertilized land, PhosSorb should be applied regularly every 8 weeks. Spread it evenly over the entire surface of the water. Filters and UV lamps can be active. The sediment that may form will disappear after several days. During application, the pH level of the water should not be higher than 8.8; if it exceeds this limit, use pH Minus first. Follow the recommended doses.


Storage:  Store in a cool, dry place, above freezing.


PhosSorb – Analysis of phosphorus sorption
How and when to use this product – calendar with application dates


PhosSorb immediately and permanently reduces the phosphate content in water to below the level which is crucial for the growth of algae: 0.030 mg/l.

In order to obtain optimal results, it is recommended to use PhosSorb at 6 weeks intervals, and after each usage of AlgoSplit to fight against thread algae.

The optimal time to use PhosSorb is before and after winter, when the concentration of phosphates in water reservoirs is highest.

Phosphorus is the key element promoting the development of thread algae: 0.1 mg phosphorus = 0.306 mg of phosphate ions. Algae blooms occur when phosphate goes above 0.035 mg/l.

PhosSorb is a completely safe mixture with sorption of up to 199 g of phosphorus. It is currently one of the strongest products of this type in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PhosSorb be used in breeding ponds and sturgeon ponds ?

Yes. PhosSorb is a purely mineral product and does not contain any active substances which can accumulate in the bodies of fish intended for food purposes. Its high sorption properties in relation to phosphorus compounds and heavy metals, results from the application of special thermal treatment during the production of the mixture. It is completely safe for sturgeon, trout, and Koi.