EcoGarden Set


The EcoGarden Set has been created for those who seek a natural alternative for chemical plant protection agents. The set includes three products based solely on natural ingredients. Their triple strength controls bacterial and fungal diseases of plants, deter pests, nourish plants and ensure their proper growth. This way they improve crop yields and help bring out the true beauty of the plants. As a result, you receive healthy and delicious vegetables without using chemistry! The set is enough for a long time – all products are concentrates for use after dilution with water. The set contains:


  • 100 ml EcoBio Stim – environmentally friendly fertiliser
            Contains essential elements and beneficial bacteria. Nourishes plants, ensures their proper growth and improves their natural resilience. Eliminates pests and controls bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • 100 ml EcoGerm Soil – bacteria for the soil
            Contains highly-concentrated beneficial microorganisms. Rebuilds the soil’s humus layer and prevents its impoverishment. Reduces bacterial and fungal plant diseases. Improves soil fertility.
  • 100 ml EcoBio Spray – environmentally friendly spray
            Contains a garlic and chilli pepper extract. Deters pests and controls bacterial and fungal diseases. Stimulates plant growth, fructification and florescence. For natural protection of plants, fruits and vegetables

EcoGarden Set

EcoGarden Set

  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Reduces bacterial and fungal plant diseases
  • Deters insects and pests
  • Nourishes plants and ensures their proper growth
  • Improves soil quality and fertility
  • Improves crop yields


Use: all types of garden, greenhouse, house, and balcony plants, and for EcoBio Stim – also water plants (garden ponds, bathing pools, aquariums).



Things Worth Knowing

The environmentally friendly Hydroidea agents are an excellent idea when you want to avoid chemistry in your vegetable patch, garden or orchard, while a healthy lifestyle and care for nature are a priority for you. Fruits and vegetables grown without using chemistry are healthier and taste better.

Environmentally friendly fertilisers contain a complete set of elements essential to plants, act over time and are safe for the flora, fauna, and the environment. It is a major advantage. In addition, they are a source of humus, which improves soil quality.

The use of soil bacteria increases the absorbing area of roots, which supply plants with water and nutrients (a phenomenon called mycorrhiza). This way they improve plant condition and greatly reduce the costs of cultivation.

Natural plant protection agents are safer for people and animals. They do not accumulate in plants are quickly undergo biodegradation. They require not preharvest interval. The fruits and vegetables can be consumed without and concerns, immediately after washing.

Environmentally friendly horticulture does affect the environment. It is based on natural substances that help control pests and plant diseases, while at the same causing no changes to the chemical composition of vegetables, fruits, and other crops.