Annual care schedule for water reservoirs

Mineral and ecological products



Setting up a water reservoir, replacing, or adding water.


Setting up a water reservoir is a very important moment that has a huge impact on how it function in the future. What is important to pay attention to when starting new ponds and other types of reservoirs? What do you have to remember when changing the water?


  • Regeneration zones with plants – this is where the mineral and biological filters are located, which are responsible for maintaining water quality; for regeneration zones we recommend natural efficient filter beds and minerals such as BioKalonit , BioPorifBioZeolit
  • Biological balance – this affects the entire aquatic ecosystem and the water’s ability to self-purify, this balance can be easily disturbed (water exchange, stabilization of a new water reservoir), so it is good to populate the pond with microorganisms in our naturaEcoGerm Ponds mixture, which will help maintain a balanced water ecosystem;
  • Water exchange – topping up the pond with tap water, rainwater, or well water, may have negative effects on organisms (chlorine content, heavy metals, etc.), therefore it should be treated with our natural PondStarter mixture;
  • Beginning filtration – when first starting a filter, and after each filter cleaning, use an agent with a high concentration of microorganisms, such as EcoGerm Starter, which will immediately activate the biological filter, this is also recommended for use after changing the water;
  • Phosphate level – elevated levels of phosphorus compounds in the water is one of the primary reasons for invasions of algae and cyanobacteria, PhosBinder and BioChalixare effective preventative measure against this;
  • Water parameters – one fundamental task is to stabilize the water parameters of reservoirs; the most important parameters are carbonate hardness (CH) and the related pH. In order to stabilize water parameters, we recommend PondStabil.

Remember, to check the water parameters regularly. The measurement should always take place at the same time of the day (the pH value should be measured in the evening because it is higher during the day).



Starting up the reservoir and water purification


Beginning of March: water purification in the reservoir


Spring is the right time to “wake up” the pond after the winter break and prepare it for the full season. What are the steps you should remember?


  • Reduction of phosphates, ammonium ions, nitrates, and nitrites – these types of compounds get into the water from accumulations of fish excrement, rotting remains of aquatic plants, and leaves that fell into the water in autumn. Unwanted compounds can also get into the reservoir through surface water inflows, e.g. during violent storms. Their level also increases when the microbial decomposition of bottom sediments is insufficient. Ammonia seriously damages the mucous membranes and delicate gill structures of fish, and can lead to their death. Nitrates and phosphates are the basic nutrients of algae, and cause explosive growth. Regular reduction of the compounds mentioned above through the use of our products as soon as you START, will keep the reservoir safe and clean.
  • Removal of excess silt and bottom sediments – over winter the amount of silt and sediments in the pond increases. You can reduce their levels easily by using our natural bacterial preparation, EcoGerm Ponds;
  • Inoculation of active bacterial cultures – for a biological filter to start working in full force in the spring, it is necessary to provide it with beneficial microorganisms in the form of EcoGerm Starter, (which also helps to remove harmful nitrogen compounds).
  • Maintaining the proper level of carbonate hardness (CH) – this has a huge impact on the stabilization of other water parameters in the reservoir and should be constantly maintained at a level above 5.5° dH, our PondStabil mixture helps maintain this level.


Mid March – end October: reservoir care


In order for biological purification systems to work properly and to their full potential, it is necessary to introduce an appropriate amount of the correct bacterial strains. For this purpose, we recommend EcoGerm Ponds, which can be used in reservoirs (even those without filter systems) throughout the year. These microorganisms not only accelerate the breakdown of organic pollutants in the water, but in the case of EcoGerm Lakes also break down urea. EcoGerm Ponds is perfect for water tanks with internal and external filters. In the absence of a filtration system, we recommend that you activate additional biological mechanisms of water purification with EcoGerm Starter.


April – mid May: algae prevention and treatment


This is the time when an overpowering invasion of cyanobacteria and algae in the reservoir is most likely. Cyanobacteria blooms not only significantly reduce the visual value of ornamental ponds, but also often emit poisonous substances. The metabolic toxins released by cyanobacteria can lead to allergies, asthma, eczema, and even nerve damage in humans. This is why it is so important to systematically prevent excessive growth of algae and cyanobacteria, and when blooms do occur – to quickly and effectively eliminate them. We recommend three products for this purpose: AlgoStopper, PhosSorb and PhosBinder.



Reservoirs in the summer season


The full season means that you have to pay attention to two important aspects:


  • proper water parameters – carbonate hardness (CH) should never drop below 5.5° dH, and the pH value should be within the range of 7.5-8.5; in the case of low CH levels and fluctuations in pH values, use our PondStabil mixture, which provides appropriate conditions for the development of flora in ponds;
  • preventing mass growth of algae (algae blooms) – to fight algae, we recommend our AlgoLess and AlgoSplit¹, products, and in cases of intense algae bloom, or immediately after using AlgoSplit, also use PhosSorb, which effectively deprives algae of their main nutrient source, i.e. phosphates.


July and August: Improving the clarity of cloudy water


During high season the water in the ponds can become cloudy. There are several reasons for this: high temperatures, changes in the weather (e.g. heavy rainfall), low oxygen levels in the water, and fertilizer entering the water reservoir from lawns, overfeeding fish, etc. If you want to improve the clarity of the water, we recommend using PondClarin, which quickly eliminates turbidity, and restores water transparency.



Securing reservoirs for the winter


From mid-September: limiting silt and bottom sediment


If you do not want to excessively increase phosphate levels and silt in the reservoir over winter, use three long-term products: EcoGerm WinterEcoGerm Ponds and PhosBinder. These products will significantly reduce the amount of phosphorus, organic silt, and bottom sediments.


From November: prevention of algae growth during the winter


As a preventive measures for counteracting the growth of algae during winter, we recommend the previously mentioned products: EcoGerm WinterAlgoSplit¹ and PhosBinder filter sachets.


¹ When applying the product, use protective gloves, follow general safety precautions, and do not allow the product to come into contact with the skin and eyes (it may cause irritation).


Care product descriptions

BioKalonit – the most efficient and universal mixture of rocks and filtration minerals for water purification. Removes impurities and colloidal particles. Due to its high porosity it is a very good substrate for the development of microorganisms. This product has buffering properties that allow the pH of the water to be kept at a constant level during daily cycles.


BioZeolit – the cleanest zeolite deposit for swimming ponds, ornamental ponds, eco pools and other water reservoirs. Effectively absorbs nitrogen and ammonia compounds from water. This product also absorbs heavy metals and radioactive elements. Effective for up to 8 weeks, depending on the nutrient load in the water.


EcoGerm Ponds – creates optimal conditions for the development of flora and fauna. Effective and long-lasting reduction of organic deposits, absorption of harmful nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, and prevention of the development of algae and cyanobacteria. Increases water transparency. This product has a positive effect on the health of fish and the development of aquatic organisms such as daphnia, which are an indicator of water purity.


PondStarter – effectively treats tap water, rainwater, and well water; adapting it to the needs of the biotope. Effectively removes chlorine and heavy metals. The ecological and natural composition of this product makes it completely safe for humans, animals, and aquatic plants.


EcoGerm Starter – a natural bacterial preparation with a very high concentration of microorganisms (one billion microorganisms/g of preparation). This product instantly activates biological cleaning mechanisms in the filter. Especially recommended for use when first starting filters at the beginning of each season, and when changing the water.


BioChalix – a natural and completely safe phosphate absorbent that stabilizes water hardness. Primarily used as an absorbent of phosphorus to a levels lower than 0.030 mg/l. Thanks to its porosity (up to 37%), it is an excellent substrate for bacteria that break down organic pollutants.


PondStabil a natural preparation that quickly and effectively improves water quality. It increases carbonate hardness (CH) and quickly stabilizes the pH value of the water, providing ideal conditions for the development of plants and fish. The product maintains the correct chemical parameters of water, thanks to which beneficial microorganisms can actively work.


AlgoStopper – an ecological and natural preparation, ideally suited for fighting against algae, green algae (green water), thread algae, and dangerous cyanobacteria. Its effectiveness is based on the action of humic compounds and barley straw extracts. Improves water clarity.


PhosSorb – the world’s strongest phosphate binder. This exceptionally efficient product reduces the phosphate content to less than 0.030 mg/l, thereby significantly reducing the growth of algae (phosphate is the main nutrient of algae). In order to obtain a long-lasting effect, it is recommended to use PhosSorb every 6 weeks, and after each algae removal from the pond.


PhosBinder – controls the content of phosphates in the water, reducing their amount to less than 0.030mg/l, thus depriving algae of their main food source. Perfectly removes heavy metals from water, such as copper, lead, and zinc. It slightly increases the pH of the water. Recommended for regular use in water reservoirs..


AlgoSplit – effectively removes thread algae, and supports the decomposition of sediments and silt in water reservoirs. Through the immediate release of oxygen, it destroys the cell structure of the thread algae, eliminating the most harmful varieties.


PondClarin – a natural product based on humic compounds and oak bark extracts. Clarifies and cleans cloudy and green water in water reservoirs, ponds, and swimming ponds. It makes the fine suspensions and algae floating in the water combine into clumps which fall to the bottom of the reservoir, which are easy to remove mechanically. It leaves the water clean and transparent.