Ecological products to maintain ponds and lakes of all types.


Crystal clear water in a swimming pond, ornamental pond, or bio-pool doesn’t happen by accident. The proper design and construction of a water reservoir is of great importance, but caring for it is equally important. The key to maintaining clean water is the biological balance of the aquatic ecosystem, which is most often disturbed during the transitional periods – spring and autumn. Many naturally occurring processes are disrupted at these times and the water becomes full of algae, becomes cloudy, and smells unpleasant. In such situations, ornamental ponds and swimming ponds lose their charm and do not fulfill their original purpose.


Ecological products for ponds, natural agents for water reservoirs and swimming ponds – producer.


We are the producer of EcoGerm ecological bacterial products which are unique in the European market; natural and exceptionally effective products for fighting algae, care products, and filter beds for ponds, swimming ponds, and other water reservoirs.


The products we offer are characterized by:

high effectiveness,
high yields,
natural composition,
attractive prices.

As a result, on the one hand, our products are economical to use, and on the other, they are completely safe for humans, animals, plants, and microbiological life. When using these products, you can use the water reservoir for recreation, fishing, and sports. We focus on modern ecological solutions which are environmentally friendly. As an expert in the field of water reservoir maintenance, we have successively introduced innovative products, constantly increasing their effectiveness, efficiency, and yields while maintaining operational safety.


According to many opinions, we have the most efficient and effective ecological products for cleaning water reservoirs!

EcoGerm ecological bacterial products

These products reduce the level of nutrients in the water, and the amounts of sediment, silt, and organic residues accumulating on the bottoms of water reservoirs. They noticeably limit the development and growth of thread algae and cyanobacteria. These products restore the biological balance in water reservoirs.


  • EcoGerm Starter – a bacterial starter designed for all types of water reservoirs, immediately activates microbiological life in the filtration zones,
  • EcoGerm Lakes – is used for cleaning swimming ponds, and for reclamation of large lakes,
  • EcoGerm Ponds – is used for cleaning home ponds and garden ponds.
  • EcoGerm Winter – bacteries used in cold water, intended for use in autumn, winter, and spring,
  • EcoGerm Silt – designed for reducing bottom sediment in garden ponds, fish ponds and bathing pools.

Mixtures of natural minerals, and filter beds


Special sorption beds, and mixtures of selected minerals recommended for regeneration zones and filtration zones. These ensure the proper operation of marsh and mineral-plant filters, and create the appropriate conditions for the development of aquatic plants, especially hydrophytes.

  • BioKalonit – a cheap versatile mixture of specially selected volcanic minerals and rocks, which are intended for filling filtration zones in water reservoirs, and which help to keep water clean and algae-free,
  • BioChalix – a mixture of porous limestone which has undergone a technological process to become one of the strongest phosphate adsorbents on the market. It has a fraction of 2-8 mm, and is especially recommended for swimming ponds, and ponds where the regeneration zone area must be as small as possible,
  • BioLava – a substrate for aquatic plants made of volcanic aggregate and chabasite, which provides excellent conditions for the growth of aquatic plants and has decorative value,
  • BioZeolit – a natural zeolite of the highest purity and quality which has undergone technological process, and plays an important role in water treatment in fish ponds.
  • BioPorif – a safe mineral adsorbent of phosphorus compounds. A mixture of minerals with a fraction of 2-16 mm and phosphorus sorption up to 20 g per 1 kg.
  • BioLignit – specialized briquette made from a mineral, It lowers and maintains a low pH of the water, introduces humic compounds and tannins into the water, and inhibits the growth of algae and cyanobacteria.

Ecological products and natural agents for water reservoirs

PondStarter – effectively treats tap water, rainwater, and well water, adapting it to the needs of the biotope. Effectively removes chlorine and heavy metals. The ecological and natural composition of this product makes it completely safe for humans, plants, animals, and aquatic organisms.


PondStabil  a natural product that quickly and effectively improves water quality. It quickly increases the carbonate hardness and stabilizes the pH level of the water, which provides ideal conditions for the development of plants and fish. PondStabil maintains the correct chemical parameters of the water, which allows beneficial microorganisms to work effectively.


AlgoStopper – an natural ecological product ideally suited to preventing the growth of algae and dangerous cyanobacteria. Its effectiveness is based on the action of humic compounds and barley straw extracts. Gently improves water clarity.


PhosSorb – one of the world’s strongest high performance phosphate binders. It reduces the phosphate content to less than 0.030 mg/l, thereby significantly reducing the growth of algae (phosphate is the main nutrient for thread algae). In order to achieve long terms effects, it is recommended to use PhosSorb every 6 weeks, and also after each algae removal from the pond.


PhosBinder – controls the levels of phosphates in the water, and reduces their amount to less than 0.030 mg/l, thereby depriving algae of their main food source. Effectively removes heavy metals such as copper, lead, and zinc, from the water. PhosBinder slightly increases the pH of the water. Recommended for regular use in water reservoirs.


AlgoSplit – effectively eliminates thread algae and supports the decomposition of sediment and silt in water reservoirs. By the releasing oxygen, AlgoSplit destroys the cellular structure of thread algae, and eliminates most other harmful varieties.


PondClarin – is a natural product based on humic compounds and oak bark extracts. Clarifies and cleans cloudy and green water in water reservoirs, ornamental ponds, and swimming ponds. PondClarin causes algae and fine material suspended in the water to combine into clumps which fall to the bottom of the reservoir. These clumps are easy to remove mechanically, leaving the water clean and transparent.


AlgoLess – universal anti-algae agent which quickly and effectively inhibits the growth of green algae, unicellular algae, and thread algae. By blocking photosynthesis and nutrient uptake, this mixture inhibits growth and leads to the death of various types of algae, and protects reservoir from subsequent blooms.


BioAlnus – condensed black alder cones extract which contains tannins and humic compounds that slightly acidify the water and give it a characteristic golden color. Its low carbonate hardness lowers the pH of the water, and contributes to maintaining the biological balance of ponds. This mixture clarifies and purifies water, which creates good conditions for the development of beneficial bacteria, while naturally reducing algae and fungi development. It reduces the infection risk for fish, by supporting their well-being and immune systems.


pH Minus – used to very quickly and safely lower the alkaline pH of water in ornamental ponds, fish ponds, retention reservoirs, and swimming ponds. Lowering the high pH of the water immediately counteracts ammonia poisoning, shortages the of carbon dioxide required by plants, improves the well-being of fish, and the increases the absorption of nutrients by aquatic plants. pH-Minus leaves no harmful substances in the water.


PondFerr – a fertilizer for aquatic plants with iron that creates favorable conditions for the development of plants, fish, and filtration bacteria in ornamental and other types of ponds. It the provides bio-elements essential for life in the form of easily digestible compounds: potassium, magnesium, iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese, boron, iodine, vanadium, fluorine, selenium, nickel, molybdenum, and lithium. It does not contain phosphorus and nitrogen, and therefore does not promote algae blooms. This mixture has a positive effect on the growth and color of aquatic plants.


CyanOxide – revolutionary mixture for the prevention and control of cyanobacteria blooms in all kinds of bodies of water. It selectively fights cyanobacteria and breaks down cyanobacterial toxins in water within a few days of application. CyanOxide takes advantage of cyanobacteria’s hypersensitivity of to atomic oxygen, while being completely safe for users of the water, and aquatic organisms. By increasing oxygenation and intensifying the natural processes of water self-purification CyanOxide improves the recreational, utility, and economic values of water reservoirs.


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